Saturday, October 15, 2005

!!!!WAIT: Sign Comment Guest Book!!!!

This is the official running guestbook sign in page. Add a comment about whatever. You'll have to wait a little for it to show up because I approve all comments; I'm just paranoid about blog spam from weird non-related stuff. If in doubt, leave a comment. I've only rejected one comment so far--and it was for viagra. . .

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog! Feel free to come back often and visit other comic links or click on the ad sponsor links. Let me know what you think in general or request that I review a certain #1. Feel free to drop your urls or links, etc. . . enjoy!

Ichiban Sensei


Blogger Frank Dirscherl said...

Great blog, Ichiban. I'll definitely send you both The Wraith #0 & 1 together once #1 is ready :D

5:28 PM  

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