Saturday, November 19, 2005

Aeon Flux #1

We've all heard about this and my question is, "Am I the only one who can't figure out what the hell this story is all about?" Well, I can't. Even after reading Aeon Flux #1, I couldn't quite make out what this story is about. Let's give it a review and see if there's any justification to the hype (and by the way, this is a timed release building up to the movie with Charlize Theron).

This series is published by Dark Horse Comics, which has some pretty cool comic book offerings (i.e., Conan, Star Wars, The Goon, and Serenity). Pretty soon, I'd like to post a review of the 25 cent Goon edition.

About the author, Mike Kennedy: Here's a list of some of the major stuff Kennedy has worked on: Superman (Infinite City), Lone Wolf 2100, Star Wars (Underworld and Qui-Gon), Ghost and Ghost/Batgirl, Alien vs Predator, and Dead to Rights. Pretty sweet arsenal of titles, huh. I might add that Kennedy has a nice website and will autograph some stuff bought through his web-store (click link under his name).

About the art, Timothy Green II: I love this guy's stuff. The art in Aeon Flux is vibrant and telling. Purchase #1 for the art alone, if you ask me. I really like some of the work from his upcoming project Leitmotiv. Some of his other published stuff surfaces up in the following: Snake Juggler, Star Wars and Star War miniatures, SYN, Fraction, and Swamp Thing.

My first impression: Well, what in the heck is this all about? I had to go back and re-read the story to get a better feel for it. So first, Green's showing us the picturesque society of the City of Bregna. "Life is Perfect." But only 59 out of 60 minutes are spent in "blissful civility." The remaining minute is spent adjusting from the noise created by the defoliant cannons. Makes sense right?

Then we have about 8-9 pages of good comic art and small sound effects. Maybe a word here and there. Sidney (Theron) has worked her way into a leaflet factory and manages to blow up the place unscathed from scattered gatlin gun fire. To be precise, 4,863,992 destroyed fliers and 24 dead people. The leaflet factory seems to be a propaganda publisher for the totalitarian government.

Sidney is one of the so called Monican Terrorists. Society is starting to get restless with the constant barrage of defoliant cannons, so the government is working on a chemical defoliant to thwart the "jungle." The gist is that the chemical neuters (might as well say "castrates") the jungle, the jungle loses its ability to reproduce, and then the totalitarian government extends the walls of its empire. Classic imperialistic symbolism. The problem is that the chemical destroys all organic matter, and they are trying to alter it to target the worst of the jungle.

If they can wipe out the jungle, the government can divert more resources to quelling the Monican Rebellion. As part of a Monican monitoring initiative, there is an unknown operative being released into society.

Sidney returns to her place to find "Handler," whom I suppose is her boss. The Handler brings some he/she midget named "Gug." (By the way, is this making sense?) The Handler tasks Sidney to acquire a sample of the chemical defoliant and train a new partner (could this partner be the same operative being released into society to monitor the Monicans? Probably, but this issue doesn't say.) So the new partner is named Sithandra. "To be continued..."

So this is a story with mass-MTV-generated appeal. I'm not a big fan of it, but I think these guys did a good job with what they had. The dialogue is back-loaded, however. When you get to the dialogue, the story slows down big-time and dumploads all the information. And when I say "all the information," there's still a little missing so you'll have to work hard to figure out what the deal is. The story is, of course, not self-contained, but it's only a 4-part series, so the enthusiasts, at the very least, should be able to see it through to the end.

RECOMMENDATION: Not buy #2. For me, I only buy because I like the art-work, but I'm not realy into this kind of plot. For those of you that are, it'll be a good read.


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