Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Super Real #1

Super Real. Five twenty-something people, picked for genetic enhancement, and given one million dollars, to find out what happens, when they become. . . Super Real. This is a graphic creation where comic book fiction and reality television collide. I promised Jason Martin a review on his newly released comic, so here's the best that I got!

About the story,
Super Real: The website has a pretty good collection of pictures and information on the premise of this comic, but I think you'll have to read #1 to have a good feel for what Super Real is. I had an epiphany, which I think explains the etymology of 'Super Real': super comes from superhero (a representation of traditional comic books), and real comes from reality, realistic, or reality television. Everything about Super Real is a perfect ying-yang blend of two worlds, comic books and reality television.

About the creator, Jason Martin: Here's a link to his
blog and his art website. Pretty cool stuff at both webpages. It's easy to see that Jason's really working hard to make this comic a success. One of the things you'll notice about the art is that much of it is drawn, but some of the scenery and background art seems to have been pulled from digital photos (using photoshop or something like that). Pretty cool, huh.

I also want to point out that the variant cover above is the product of
Josh Howard's artist prowess. Publishing lots of work with Viper Comics, he's gained a cult following with some of these titles: Dead@17, Black Harvest, and Hips & Crossbones. Keep an eye out for Clubbing, which is coming soon from DC.

Synopsis (with spoilage) and Review: I must say from the beginning, one of the things that Jason has done well with #1 is introducing the characters. Some comics have a difficult time with #1, because they can't mix character introductions and the plot well. Doing this takes serious weaving skills and Jason did that. He introduces each of the five contestants who are chosen to be on a new reality tv show by illustrating their reactions to a phone invitation to the reality show. You can read about each character, but there's the go-go dancer, the bodybuilder, the model, the aging clubkid, and the black sheep. Jason gets an A+ for character introductions and development.

I also liked the subtle humor in #1. For instance, there are these two execs talking about the show's premise and random tidbits of humor are just thrown out. I was dying when the short exec called Spiderman 2 a midget. The part about Real World is dead on, too. Just the other day, I was telling someone how stupid Real World has become. Back in the day, Real Worlders had jobs and stuff. Kevin was always coming in a weird hours, Puck was doing his bike routes, etc. Now, these guys just drink, party, hook-up, sleep, and do it all over again. I can't tell one episode from the next. Anyway, I digress. . .take my word for it: the conversation in #1 is funny. Period.

Jason has a great handle on culture and the quirky aspects of good ole' American entertainment. I'm excited about where this series is going. The plot and characters are well-crafted and there's enough anticipation to force readers into #2. Jason gave us a lot, but we actually didn't get the total idea of what Super Real, the show, will be like. Therefore. . .

RECOMMENDATION: Buy #2. Great work putting this together Mr. Martin. It's a fresh entrant into the comic book scene, and I like that. I just want to add one caveat, however--I like that this book is "matureness required." If for some reason, future episodes go "mature," I'll have to jump ship, but that's just the way I roll, as a personal preference. Anyway, keep up the fine work!


Blogger Jason Martin said...

Ichiban my man,

Thanks very much for the write up. I have to say, not only have you come up with a unique approach to reviewing, or hook, you're also very thorough, offering a bit more than the average reviewer.

An' hey, the kind words go down pretty easy too. But seriously, I'm glad you did in fact enjoy the first issue. You're also spot on in some observations, which is nice. For instance, I too feel, for better or worse, one must REALLY read my book to truly get it (and even then, as with any good funny book, we'll pull the rug out from under you at some point). It's just really hard to convey everything the book is about in a summary, or description...
Also, I like that you bring up the "rating". Though it is mature readers, I'm not trying to do anything excessive, at least at first. So, hopefully we won't lose you along the way 8)
I know I’ll keep tuning in to your great blog!


1:09 AM  
Blogger Ichiban Sensei said...

Hey thanks Jason! I like what you're doing there in Beaverton; I just hope there's enough room there for two mega-conglomerates, Nike and XTV.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Jason Berek-Lewis said...

ichiban, a great review, but then, you had good material to work with ;)

I loved Super Real #1 so much that I bought 2 copies :D This is a great book and I am always inpired by people like Jason who are one man creative teams.

I'm looking forward to more Super Real!


6:11 PM  
Blogger Frank Dirscherl said...

Great review (and blog). I've heard great things about Super Real.

Do you review #0 issues?

1:22 AM  
Blogger Ichiban Sensei said...

Hey Frank, thanks for visiting my website. I only buy and review #1 issues, in the normal stream of my blogging existence, but I am open to reviewing #0s if requested. Shoot me an email at, if you have something in mind. Thanks for stopping buy and good luck with Wraith and other DWP projects!

2:05 PM  

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